· Performing a hunt and active search for cyber attacks using advanced tools and in-depth analysis of the data layer

· Analysis of advanced cyber attacks and new information security threats (zero-day).

· Advanced use of DATA for model building, development and application of algorithms and use of Machine Learning to detect and detect anomalies

· Advanced analysis of offenders and activity of assault groups

Job requirements

· Extensive experience and knowledge in developing models based on Machine learning, NLP, deep learning

· Optimization of models and data analysis (supervised and unsupervised) - required

Experience and practical development of models in Python / R - required

High capabilities of information analysis and complex SQL queries against large databases - a must

Experience and familiarity with Classification models, Anomaly Detection, Graph theory - an advantage

· Orientation to the cyber field and previous experience in performing Threat Hunting - an advantage

Working with DATA tools and infrastructure in the cloud (Azure, AWS) - an advantage

Interpersonal skills are required.

· Work experience as a Data Scientist of at least two years

· PhD / MSc / BSc degree in Medical Science / Mathematics / Statistics / Physics / Economics

Advantage for working in a large organization and a systemic vision

· Preliminary background in statistics / mathematics