A new factory of a leading and advanced high-tech company needs a professional injection technician for an interesting and challenging job!
Areas of responsibility in the position:
• Setup from last product to first product.
• Last mold treatment before downloading (water removal, cleaning, lubrication)
• Download and upload templates according to a work order
• Warranty for accessories (water heaters, temperature controller, robotics)
• Handling faults in the product and / or machine during the injection process
• Operation of a raw material array

Job requirements

Experience as an injection technician - required.
• Extensive knowledge in the plastic injection process.
• Knowledge of raw materials.
• Knowledge of the structure of the injection mold.
• Experience in locating and operating faults in the machine.
• Experience in locating and troubleshooting the product.
• Willingness to work shifts (morning, evening, night - starting on Saturday).
• Mobility - possibility of self-arrival by car.