A leading global and successful company needs a collection analyst.

As part of the job:
• Economic control of the global collection system
• Working with business teams in Israel and abroad who handle customers from the world's leaders
• Collection control while meeting the payment terms of the customers in the various units
• Production and receipt of various discovery, control, tracking and analysis reports
• Construction of collection forecasts
• Analysis of reports and motivation of relevant factors
• Production of bills, credits and accounting classifications according to the requirements of the business teams
• Tracking receipts at banks and recording receipts from customers in the company's books

Job requirements

• Bachelor's degree in Economics / Business Administration
Mandatory Excel at a very good level - vlookup / pivot table
• High-level English - writing, reading and speaking (fluent work with interfaces abroad)
• Excellent teamwork and interpersonal relationships
• High analytical ability
• Operating and operating capabilities of interfaces
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team
• Orientation for working with a number of computer systems ERP, QlikView, M3-Moovex - an advantage

* Job # 111199 is for men and women alike

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