Work and provide individual assistance to children and students in special education in the various frameworks in special education, providing physical assistance and care and maintaining the cleanliness of the children.

Job requirements

* 12 years of schooling - compulsory.
* Previous experience in working with children - an advantage
* 6 working days a week, according to the needs of the system.
* Possibility of transaction, until 4 p.m.
* No full-time commitment.
* Experience and openness to children with special needs with severe disabilities.
* Mental maturity to engage in this field.
* Ready for difficult physical and mental tasks.
* High responsibility and reliability, resourcefulness, expressiveness and communication skills.
* There is a possibility of integration as a medical assistant (conditional on individual guidance * Medical on the child's medical limit 10).
* Lack of conviction for a sex offense, in accordance with the Law for the Prevention of the Employment of Sex Offenders
In some institutions,

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