The customer portfolio manager also deals with locating and developing new customers (quite a bit - about 50%) and also receives an existing customer line. This involves work mainly with the institutional market: hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, industrial plants, etc. Products that are suitable for institutional kitchens, laundries, household equipment, cleaning materials and more.
The customer manager visits about 10 customers a day, is responsible for increasing the sales volume of existing customers, marketing new products (including product use demonstrations), customer retention and providing a logistical service when needed.
The regular orders are placed by a customer relations representative, so there is also enough time to develop the line and locate new customers.
* This is a field job, working with a vehicle, managing an independent day.
Work on Sundays-Thursdays - full time!

Terms of employment: car, mobile phone, laptop, pension insurance.

The position is intended for both men and women.

Job requirements

• Previous experience working with the institutional / professional market
• Experience in marketing consumer products (not insurance / mobile / communications products, etc ...)
Examples of relevant experience: Work in a division / professional / institutional market such as: Tnuva / Terra Professional, Snow Professional, Unilever Professional Market and more…
• Sales / negotiation / trade management skills -
• Competitiveness and striving to achieve sales goals.
• High personal level
• Good interpersonal skills
• Valid driver's license - required!