job search

Important job search tips

You need to understand that job search is basically a process of marketing and self-promotion. You need to look at yourself and your background and experience as a product, so the interview is your initial presentation. The impression he sets is crucial in this case.

1. Try to answer briefly and concisely the questions you are asked. That is, try to keep the answer as focused as possible, and not "smear" your answers. Insertion of details that are irrelevant to your answers may be perceived as a tendency to “talk back and forth” and not to interest. On the other hand, overly concise answers can be perceived as carelessness and lack of ambition.

2. Try to include as many concrete examples as possible. That is, when you ask what your strengths are, a concrete and tangible example will further chart the interviewer and may even make him remember the interview of a particularly good one.

3. Highlight your strengths. Repeat them several times throughout the interview, making sure to link them to the field in which the company you are being interviewed for works or how you are most suitable. Note that not always when a company advertises a "jobs" ad is it looking specifically for the advertised position. There may be a case where you will be interviewed for a junior position and chart the interviewer so that you get a more senior position therefore, the effort can be very rewarding.

4. Prepare in advance the stories of your success. Write them down ahead of time and memorize them so you can tell about them confidently and easily during the interview. Be sure to link the successes in your previous jobs to the successes of the organizations you have worked for in the past.

5. Make innovative and original suggestions for the organization you are interviewing for. This is an opportunity to impress the interviewer to get the job and maybe even your first project at once. However, keep in mind that beyond ambition and ambition, the interview also requires modesty and respect for the company to which you are being interviewed.

6. Ensure proper appearance and relaxed body language. Studies show that appearance has more than 60% of the effect on how job seekers influence interviewers. The elements needed for a successful interview in this category are: ease, self-confidence, cordiality and of course an orderly, clean and solid appearance.

7. Ask questions. The way he asked them and the wording can impress the interviewer and indicate caring, involvement and interest.

8. Maintain a speech sequence. This will keep the interviewer alert and interested.

9. Conduct preliminary research about the company, its competitors, etc. This way you can understand if you are really suitable for the job and this way you can also attribute your qualities and abilities to the needs of the company.

Build a follow-up diary of the sequence of interviews.

With this method you will be able to draw correct conclusions and streamline your job search process.