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New Zealand employers recruiting in the London, Glasgow and Manchester in March 2016
New Zealand employers are traveling to the UK to meet and hire skilled people who are interested in migrating to New Zealand.

The Working International Jobs Expos have a wide range of New Zealand exhibitors with a huge number of jobs available in the education sector, healthcare and engineering.

We also have information for electricians looking to be assessed to work in New Zealand.

These events provide you with the unique opportunity to meet potential employers face-to-face and ready to recruit.

See the full list of job roles, find out more and purchase tickets at our London job expo, Glasgow event and Manchester job expo.

At the events we've planned a full seminar program to help you sort your visa, arrange your move, open a bank account, find a new house, and more.

Immigration New Zealand are traveling from Wellington to give you the complete low down on the opportunities in NZ and visa pathways you can choose.

Come meet the Kiwis! Imagine the places you could go, and get closer to the possibilities that may be your new life in Aotearoa.

We look forward to seeing you there and helping you make the next step to an exciting future!

Find a great job in New Zealand this September

A large group of New Zealand employers are traveling to the UK this September to meet and hire skilled people that want to move to New Zealand.

There are multiple roles available and the employers are able to recruit freely from the UK. Immigration New Zealand will be attending the event to support the employers - helping them and you with the visa requirements.

Roles on offer include:

Software Engineering jobs in Christchurch

Civil Engineering roles working on the largest roading projects in the country

Senior construction roles in Auckland and Christchurch

Many opportunities for Trades people throughout the country

Policy writer positions based Wellington

Teaching positions around the country

Healthcare positions throughout New Zealand

See the full list of job roles, find out more and purchase tickets at our

If you have your heart set on a job in New Zealand and a new life in Aotearoa then this is an event that you should attend. Come and meet the Kiwis!

A full seminar program is running on the day to give you the full background on how to move from the UK. Topics include: arranging your visa, moving your belongings, opening a bank account and more. Meet the Working In team, Immigration New Zealand and get lots of lots of expert advice on the day.

We look forward to seeing you there.