•  Location: Internet (from home), Hod Hasharon, Herzliya, Kfar Saba, Ramat Hasharon, Ra'anana  Job type: Temporary full time position


    A leading company in its field in Ra'anana needs a payroll accountant in the team (temporary position with or...
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    A leading company in its field in Ra'anana needs a payroll accountant (temporary position with permanent option)

    As part of the job:
    - Preparing salaries for employees, handling and providing service in all salary matters (sickness, reserves, termination of employment, approvals for third parties, etc.), handling pension funds, etc.

    * Full-time work on Sunday-Thursday.
    * There is flexibility in hours and the combination of hybrid work.

    ~ A very pleasant work environment.
    ~ Excellent social conditions that include initial vacation days (higher than stipulated by law), holiday evenings and public holidays at the expense of the employer, additional holidays at the expense of the employer.
    ~ Plenty of formation days.
    ~ Full breakfast at no cost, lunch at minimal cost.

    * Job No. #274968 is intended for both men and women

    Job requirements

    - Experience working as a payroll accountant for up to two years.
    - Knowledge of teachers' salaries - a significant advantage.
    - Knowledge of the MLM system - an advantage.
    - Holder of a senior accountant certificate from the CPA office - mandatory.
    - Mastery of Office Word and Excel - mandatory.
    - Ability to work in a team and work under pressure.
    - Service oriented.

  •  Location: Internet (from home), The Center, Central District, Tel Aviv District, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv Jaffa  Job type: Full-time


    A PPC campaign manager is needed for a digital advertising agency in Tel Aviv (Rothschild).<...
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    PPC campaign manager needed for a digital advertising agency in Tel Aviv (Rothschild).

    * Full time, one working day a week from home.

    Areas of Responsibility:
    - Management of PPC campaigns on a variety of platforms such as: Google, Bing, Facebook and more.
    - Conducting word and competitor research.
    - Optimizing for continuous improvement of performance.
    - Drafting marketing ads and characterizing effective landing pages.
    - Monitoring, analyzing and creating regular reports that include recommendations for improvement based on the data collected in the campaigns.
    - Identifying trends and implementing modern practices in the field of sponsored advertising.
    - Regular work with other departments of the organization.
    - Understanding the needs of the customers and managing effective communication with them in order to reach strategic insights for the continuation of the activity.

    * Job No. #273633 is intended for both men and women

    Job requirements

    - 1-2 years of experience in managing PPC campaigns on Google and Facebook platforms - a must! Additional platforms - an advantage.
    - Experience from an advertising agency / media agency - mandatory!!!!
    - Mastery of analysis tools such as Google Analytics - a must! Additional tools - an advantage.
    - Academic degree - an advantage.
    - High level communication skills, written and spoken.
    - Distinct analytical abilities including extracting insights from data.


Advertising in this category as of 01/07/2020 is for a fee only.

Employment options from home

In recent years we have witnessed a growing trend of people looking for creative ways to make a living without leaving home. The development of technology has allowed the creation of new jobs that can be performed remotely, and the corona epidemic only contributed to the acceleration of the process. Today there are a variety of employment options for those interested in working from home, but the benefits and challenges must be well understood in order to succeed.

In this article we will review the different types of work from home, their advantages and disadvantages, useful tips for a successful start, as well as typical technologies and jobs in this developing field.

Types of work from home

There is a wide variety of employment options from home, starting from independent work and ending with remote hiring jobs.

Independent works like freelancers They are among the most common, and include areas such as graphic design, programming, writing, consulting and more. Customers can be found through online platforms or social networks.

functional Customer Service They have also become very common to perform from home, for companies that need representatives available at all hours. jobs Telephone sales They are also suitable for remote work.

Many large companies also offer jobs product managers, Analysts, Developers and other headquarters roles that can be performed remotely using cloud technology and communications.

In addition, there are jobs complementary such as training, translation or editing that can be done as freelancers. Many entrepreneurs also manage Online business filled from home.

The benefits of working from home

There are many advantages to working from home, including:

  • flexibility - You can work at convenient hours, take care of children or other things at the same time.
  • Savings on travel and expenses - There is no need to go to the office or spend money on food and work clothes.
  • Productivity - The home work environment can be quieter and more focused.
  • Work from anywhere - You can also work outside the city or country of residence.
  • Work and personal life balance - There is more control over free time and rest.
  • employment opportunities – A wider range of work options.

Challenges of working from home

Along with the advantages, there are also significant challenges:

  • social isolation and the lack of daily human interaction.
  • difficulty bCommunication and collaboration with colleagues.
  • time organization and maintaining a work routine in a home environment.
  • difficulty toSeparate work from leisure and private life.
  • Workspace Inappropriate and distracting.
  • technological problems and remote communication difficulties.
  • less Promotion and development options Compared to office work.

How to start working from home

To successfully start working from home, it is recommended to take the following steps:

  • Prepare a work environment Comfortable and focused as possible - table, chair, lighting, quiet.
  • Doug Lequipment and technology The necessary - a high-quality computer, high-speed Internet, telephone.
  • Set regular working hours And follow them as if you were in the office.
  • inclination Interfaces and tools suitable for the field you have chosen.
  • Stay in Touch with managers and colleagues even remotely.
  • Match the work attire to the new environment.
  • Set goals and objectives and track progress.

Tips for success working from home

  • Start each day with Regular morning routine which includes exercise, a shower, a meal and a short walk.
  • fix Daily goals are clear and work to achieve them.
  • edited Regular breaks thru out the day.
  • Maintain contact with peers and superiors in a manner regular.
  • Prioritize tasks And focus on what really matters.
  • Manage a schedule weekly and daily and act accordingly.
  • Separate work from leisure And keep a balance.
  • keep healthy – Nutrition, physical activity and rest.

Important technologies for working from home

  • Connection אינטרנט Fast and stable is necessary for most jobs.
  • PC Strong and advanced with relevant software.
  • Smartphone for communication and access to information from anywhere.
  • Applications cloud computer (Cloud) for file storage and teamwork.
  • Softwares and conference services Online.
  • Platforms social media for business promotion.
  • Management and planning tools Tasks and time.

Typical work from home jobs

  • Application and website developer
  • Digital editor and content writer
  • Manager of communities and social networks
  • Freelance business/financial advisor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Online teacher/lecturer
  • Freelance translator
  • Digital and marketing consultant


Working from home offers many advantages but also significant challenges. In order to be successful, it is necessary to observe an orderly and focused conduct in the informal environment of the house. Current technologies and the right balance between work and leisure are critical. With proper preparation and self-discipline, you can enjoy the freedom and comfort that working from home allows, along with a fair living.

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