ש: How do I remove myself from the site?

    A: In every email sent to you (at the bottom of it) you can click on "Remove me from the mailing list" Click on the button and a confirmation will delete all your personal details from the site and you will not receive any more emails from the site.

    You can connect either by email or by username. If you do not remember one of the two reset password.
    Go to the registration page and fill out the form. It is important to choose whether you are a job seeker or an employer, a choice that affects which of the pages on the site you have permission to view.

    Questions and answers for job seekers

    ש: I need help operating the site. Who do I contact?

    ת: There is no telephone answering service for job seekers. You can apply using the form on the right and we will try to help.

    With Smart Agent you can get job offers that are relevant to you directly to your inbox.
    Click on the job title in the email, it will direct you to the job page on our website. There you will find a button to submit a certificate. Fill out the form and submit.
    Yes, that way you can get a newsletter about important things on the site but if you do not want we can remove your profile. In general, the details will remain confidential and will not be passed on to any other party. Only in our internal interface on the jobs website.
    In the main menu on the site, go to: Personal area for job seekers -> Smart agent Managing alerts. A list of all the existing alerts in your account will appear. Log in to edit the alert and fill in the relevant area there.
    Go to the personal area for job seekers -> Alert Management, where all the alerts registered in your account will appear. To remove, hover over the alert and click "Delete" and then OK.
    We cannot know whether these employers did receive and treat her. When applying we send an email to the employer encouraging return to every applicant.
    Beyond that we have no control over the conduct of employers.
    You can contact us by email at the following address or by using the contact form on the right info@misrot.com.
    Option 1: At the bottom of the page in the newsletter or in any application from the site, you can click on 'Remove me' and the username will be automatically deleted from the site.
    Option 2: Contact us by email for removal.
    In all areas. Diverse jobs.
    No, we are the site's construction and support company.
    Telephone support and emails will give buyers a paid advertising package only.
    For free / free advertisers. The publication is done independently and support will be given if possible via email only.

    Questions and answers for employers

    ש: I need help posting a new job. Who can I contact?

    ת: The site staff does not provide assistance in advertising a job on the free track. Paid advertisers are supported by email or phone.

    Yes. There is a basic advertising package that is free. You can find information in the 'Advertising packages' below on the website. It is important to note that a job on the free board receives only partial exposure and receives much less resume than a "hot job"
    1. Edit the job so that it is more attractive / relevant.
    2. Bounce the job.
    3. Upgrade your job to a “hot job” and get much greater exposure.
    A hot job enjoys increased exposure on the site and usually wins by 10 resumes.
    Hot job - Always at the top of search results
    Automatic mailing For all who are interested Relevant (Smart Agent)
    Job posting for 30 days
    Automatic bounce Of the ad every 24 hours
    Unlimited job bounce
    Post on Misrot page Facebook
    Post on Misrot page On LinkedIn
    Advertising on the Indeed website
    It is possible that the emails are sent to the spam folder - it is recommended to check the spam directory.
    In addition, you should consider switching to a preferred package in order to get higher exposure. You can upgrade specific jobs or purchase a package that includes a large number of promoted jobs through the personal area for employers.
    In each of these situations, go to the "Post a New Job" page. After entering the job data in the form, the package selection step will appear. If you have purchased "Premium" or "Super Premium" packages, the package will appear at the top and you can choose it. If before, you purchased a "preferred" package and want to advertise another individual hot job, select the preferred package (or any other package as you wish) by clicking the "Select" button below each relevant package, and finally click on "Post the job".
    Enter a personal area for employers, in the job table you published there is a column "Candidates" and numbering, click on the number and you will be taken to the candidates page for the specific job.

    There is an option that is blocked from the site due to a violation of the usage policy. If you think an error has occurred you can contact us by email info@misrot.com Or through the Contact Us page, please provide with which email address you registered for the site.
    You must enter a personal area for employers, where a table will appear with all the jobs you have published with us. The mouse must be moved over the job and a link to edit the job will appear.
    Contact us and we will try to add the missing category.
    You should check that you have indeed approved the publication of the job and it is not in the "draft". You can also contact us by email: Info@misrot.com And we will check if there is a problem. If the publication does not work, we will extend the publication for you as required.
    Alerts should be removed via 'Remove' at the end of the email and make sure you are registered as an employer through 'Personal area for employers'. If you are not successful, you can contact us and we will remove the alert.