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Free Advertising Jobs?

Employers and placement companies are probably wrong why advertising job ads with us is free, while in almost all competing sites advertising a job job involves a payment of about 400 NIS + VAT for job advertising for two weeks only. The answer to this is quite simple: we have developed an internet system that works without the need for human intervention. Everything is done completely automatically. We do not employ employees who call every employer who posts a job ad and tries to sell him a paid service. You will not receive calls from us and we will not try to sell you a service that you do not need. The site features advertisements that cover the technical cost of maintaining the site.

Free and unlimited job posting

While many job sites charge you quite a bit of money for the job ads you place, we here at MISROT offer you the option of Free and unlimited job posting. With our website, you can advertise unlimited and free jobs, without the need for complicated registration or any monthly payment as competing sites charge you. The process of adding a job is very simple, anyone can do it themselves, there are clear examples of the whole process. The job is advertised immediately and the results speak for themselves, try and see for yourself!

Possibility to edit the job during the entire advertising period - Each job that is published is published on the website for 60 days, during which time the advertiser can edit the job as many times as he wants, without this entailing any financial cost. Editing the ad correctly can bring in more relevant candidates.

Create a company page that includes the company logo - Every employer who advertises a job opens a company page for him on the website, which includes all the jobs that the employer has advertised. The employer can refer surfers directly to the company's page in order for them to be exposed to all open positions.

Job bounce Even employers who have advertised a job for free can bounce the job. (Hot job can be bounced as many times as you want).

Exposure to all site visitors - Every job that is advertised is exposed to all surfers of the site and is sent through a "smart agent" to relevant interested parties of the same job category and place of residence.

The employer's email is not disclosed to anyone - The email to which the employer wants the resume of the candidates to be sent is not published on the site in any way and thus the email was not exposed to the possibility of sending spam by spammers and features that collect words from the Internet for the purpose of sending advertisements.

Simple and convenient management interface - Employers get a friendly and convenient management interface through which they can edit existing jobs, renew old jobs, view detailed statistics about the jobs (how many times they viewed the job, how many times they clicked on it, how many certificates were sent and more). Also from a job search engine for quick job search.

Advertising a job without revealing the employer's name - The employer is given the opportunity to advertise a job without revealing his identity. This is especially effective when the employer does not want various parties to know that the company is in the recruitment phase.

The site has two fairly simple models for advertising: free job advertising and hot job (paid):

Free job posting - This job is advertised for 60 days during which the employer can, edit and change the job details without restriction. Bounce the job only once and get accurate statistics of the exposures the job has gained.

Hot job - This position is advertised for 30 days during which the employer can hold it indefinitely. In addition, this job will be painted in a blue background and will appear throughout the period in the first results of the relevant page and therefore will also gain much greater exposure. In addition, a hot job enjoys the following benefits:

  • Mailing all relevant interested parties
  • Post on the Misrot page on Facebook
  • Advertising on the Misrot page on LinkedIn
  • Advertising on the Indeed website
  • Bouncing unlimited jobs
  • Email and phone support

A hot job usually gets 10 times as many resumes from a free job!