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Who is this guide for? This guide is intended to help you find a job, conduct an in-depth examination of your resume and those who are interested in upgrading your resume to a higher, more effective and professional level. 

Type of information: 

 it's important to remember! Along with wanting to highlight yourself it is important to be careful about building CV Standard. There are information items that are expected to appear on your resume so that potential employers can contact you. 

If the following categories do not appear, it is important that you go through them again and fill in the blanks / change accordingly:                               

  1. Personal Information
  2. Resume Summary 
  3. Work Experience
  4. Education and studies 
  5. Military service (in Israel) 
  6. Language proficiency
  7. המלצות
  8. A preliminary letter 

      The following categories are not required and it is recommended to add them if the information is available: 

How to write a quality resume? Recruiters devote very little time to moving on to the resume. Therefore, it is important to write correctly so that recruiters will focus on your resume. Use keywords - In many workplaces (mainly high-tech companies) recruiters use smart resume scanning software according to "keywords" / certain terms in resume documents. For example, for a web key job the software will scan a resume that includes a keyword: Web development for testing candidates who meet the job requirements.

So how do you work with relevant keywords?

Use the keywords described in the job requirements to describe the roles you have performed and your knowledge. Also, here it is worth noting that the software can scan only Word documents and not PDF documents so it is important that the writing of the document is done on a Word document only otherwise the resume will not reach the recruiters. Note that if you do not have enough familiarity / specific experience with the job described, think about positions you have held in the past that can help you apply for the relevant job. For example, managerial experience is required to be expressed, you should list positions you have performed in the past that are related to the managerial field so that you can meet the job requirements and not lose it because of one detail. 

What should you check before submitting a resume?                                                              

First, do not send the same document to several different jobs and certainly not to several different positions. Remember, it is important to show recruiters how relevant you are to the job in a very short time and therefore the document should only include the information relevant to the job such as your knowledge, skills and abilities. In addition, special emphasis on the relevant language that should be used to apply for the job: If the job is published in English, a resume must be submitted in that language. Also, in Israeli high-tech companies that work with clients abroad, you should send your resume in English.

     So how do you do that?

     Uniform design and language

       In addition, you can draw the recruiter's attention to certain details that are appropriate for the job. 

     So what should the information include? 

  1. Personal Information

2. Resume Summary  

 Check - Do you have a relevant summary for the job? The summary is an introduction of 3-4 lines located at the top of the document and its role is to summarize your experience. 

The summary should be short and to the point - its purpose is to give initial information about who you are and what value you bring to the job. It is recommended to write the summary in separate lines and in reliefs. 

3. Employment experience

     How can you expand on the work experience?

 I have experience in a variety of fields. How to build a suitable resume? 

If you have experience in a variety of fields, it is important that you build a resume accordingly.  

Beyond that, when the work experience is diverse and includes extensive information, it is advisable to add a "summary" file And a cover letter that will highlight the experience relevant to the position we are approaching. * Hyperlink to the word "Abstract"                                          

About Qualified

Companies that have too much experience for you, will be outright disqualified because of overtraining. 

 So what do you do?

Potential, formulate the roles in a less threatening and more appropriate way to describe the role.  

Employment stability 

Maintaining employment stability is necessary and required. A quick transition between positions or periods in which it is not clear what you were dealing with, may be a factor that may adversely affect and disqualify you for instability in employment.  

 What does it take to show employment stability?

4. Education and studies

So how do you write information about education and studies? 

    5. Military service 

     A large proportion of employers / recruiters place emphasis on military service. 

How do you get specifications for military service?

     6. Mastery of languages ​​/ programming languages 

     7. Recommendations

In addition, a minimal recommendation that does not reinforce things you have written about yourself - there is no point in attaching. 

    8. Preliminary letter

      Good luck finding the new job 

 And remember! Just before you submit it is worth checking out your resume

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