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  • Company Name: good job
  • wage: NIS 6,000 - NIS 8,000
  •   Experience: inexperienced
  •  Location: Netanya  Job type: Full-time


    The role consists of:
     Providing an answer and telephone assistance to the company's customers during an event ...
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    The role consists of:
     Providing a response and telephone assistance to the company's customers during an event during the customer's stay abroad. • Charging a passport card to customers due to a medical case or delay in luggage.
    • Providing information to customers on policy matters, claims and general information. • Interface and dealing with customers in a number of different media channels (online chat, emails and telephone)
    • Dealing with medical personnel and other providers (sometimes also in English)
    The course is delivered by a team of professional and skilled instructors in an amazing atmosphere! The company provides a professional training course for about a month, Sunday to Thursday full time (9: 00-17: 00). The course includes studies in the training room, apprenticeships and listening, workshops and more. Overall this is a comprehensive, interesting and fun training program with as much flexibility as we can allow.

    Job scope:
    • The center is active 24/7, 365 days a year.
    • Availability for a minimum of 4 shifts per week (3 shifts in the middle of the week + one shift on the weekend - Friday or Saturday) 
    • Shift hours: 
    Morning 7: 45-16: 00 / Evening 15: 45-23: 00 / Night 23: 00-8: 00 (Interim shifts - according to company needs: 10: 00-18: 00/12: 00-20: 00) Salary and Skills Skill "Junior A" - (seniority of about three months) - Salary: 33 NIS (gross) per hour. Bonuses starting from the next skill. 
    Skill "Junior B" (seniority of two months to a year and a half) - the salary will be updated to 35 NIS (gross) per hour + bonuses of up to 900 NIS (gross) per month. 
    Skill "Professional" - (seniority of one and a half to three years) - salary 37 NIS (gross) per hour + bonuses of up to 950 NIS (gross) per month.


    Job requirements

    • Has a high level of service, courtesy and patience.
    Maturity, bridal ability and empathy - Candidates who will harness and show genuine care and concern for the insured, it is important that they know how to deal with sensitive conversations and complex medical cases. Willingness to have a minimum of 4 shifts (1 of them on Friday or Saturday). Requirements - an advantage
    • Previous experience in the field of customer service - a significant advantage
    • Advantage for owners of additional languages ​​Course - Training The training course is a professional course that aims to train the employees at the beginning of the job in the best and most correct way.

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