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  • Company Name: Mega-tech
  •   Experience: 1-2 years
  •  Location: IL (Israel Artzi)  Job type: Part time


    For work from home (in comfortable pajamas, in your favorite conditions), part-time, ...
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    For working from your home (in comfortable pajamas, in your favorite conditions), for a part-time job, for coordinating calls for sales people in front of bodies and organizations, suitable for any place of residence in the country. About a third of the time (about 15 hours a week) in dynamic and flexible hours. Wages on an hourly basis of 38 NIS, according to daily reporting of hours and control of call volumes and results. Payment on a monthly pay slip, or against an invoice. Suitable for those who work in another workplace, are in studies, have additional occupations. .

    Job requirements

    Quiet work area and quiet conditions from home. Pajamas 🙂

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