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  • Company Name: Faith Distribution Ltd.
  • wage: NIS 6,000 - NIS 8,000
  •  Location: Haifa  Job type: Full-time


    The company located on Shemen Beach in Haifa needs a responsible and diligent warehouse worker ...
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    The company located at Hof Shemen in Haifa needs a responsible and hard-working warehouse worker between 08:00 and 16:00 to collect and paste stickers on products, prepare deliveries of various consumer products abroad. Easy work, does not require prior experience, requires physical effort Easy (lifting crates of snacks and / or soft drinks). We offer a work environment in a family and pleasant atmosphere, promotion options, full paid training, a good and pampering hourly wage, social conditions.

    Job requirements

    Responsible, hardworking, able to work under pressure and ability to meet goals and times. Reading Comprehension - Basic English. Lifting capacity of up to 15 kg. (Lifting crates of snacks and / or soft drinks) Preferably non-smoking. Favorable conditions, good wages, bonuses and serious promotion options.

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