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    - Responsible for locating and contacting girls who are in crisis and distress - Ni ...
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    - Responsible for locating and contacting girls who are in crisis and distress situations - Managing a space shift and creating interpersonal contact with the girls. - Individual and group therapy in order to improve their personal, family and social functioning - Responsibility for creating a beneficial and growing space and providing solutions to crisis situations - Contacting caregivers in the department, services in the community and outside, all according to the girl's needs Supervisors - Management of a volunteer team - Professional and detailed registration manager for his / her work and actions in each case and reports to his / her supervisors as required - Work as part of a multidisciplinary team

    Job requirements

    Education: - Social worker with a bachelor's degree in social work - Registration in the social workers register Job requirements: - The work is done in split and flexible working hours, including afternoons (at least twice a week) - Experience working with girls at risk Preference will be given to those with experience in the field of gender and / or adolescence - Ability to organize and plan for the long term - Experience and ability to work with a multi-professional team - Ability to work in crisis situations and function in stressful situations - Non-judgmental, humane and inclusive attitude For learning.

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