Public sector jobs

Public sector jobs

The public sector consists of all those employed by the public, including government ministries, government corporations, non-governmental public institutions such as local authorities and universities, as well as national institutions including the Jewish Agency and the Zionist Organization.

Why you should work in the public sector

Work in the public sector has far-reaching benefits:

  • Occupational stability - It is much more difficult to lay off workers in the public sector compared to workers in the private sector.
  • Improved social conditions are the result of collective agreements, in various areas such as insurance, pensions, study funds and provident funds, group insurance and more.
  • Salary levels are monitored by the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service Commission.

Retirement in the public sector

Even if the wage conditions in the public sector are not always high, in retirement the conditions are actually improved.
The pension benefit is calculated according to the actual number of years of work, with each year of work entitling to a 2% benefit.
In addition, the amount of the pension is derived from the last salary and includes regular supplements such as the training allowance, convalescence and clothing, compensation for unused sick days, redemption of vacation days and more.

Search for vacancies in the public sector

The following table contains links to job tenders that appear on the Civil Service Commission's website and on other sites belonging to the public sector in Israel.
All you have to do is enter in the links and start looking for the right job.

Institutions / bodies offering jobs links Comments
Government Hospitals, Rabbinical Courts, Educational Television, Central Bureau of Statistics, National Security Council, Courts Administration, Chief Rabbinate, Consumer Protection Authority, Meteorological Service, Veterinary Services, Knesset, Health Bureaus, Government Advertising Bureau, Agricultural Research Administration, Institute Road safety, medical centers, mental health centers, government ministries, the Civil Service Commission, the Population and Immigration Authority, the Tax Authority, the employment service, the prison service and more…


Online recruitment system:

The Civil Service Commission website centralizes the vacancies in the civil servants category
Israel Police  
Bank of Israel  
Local authorities The website of the Local Government Center contains links to all the websites of the local authorities in Israel, in some of which you can find manpower tenders / jobs
Electric Company  
Israel Railways  
The institution  
Clalit Health Services  
Maccabi Health Services  
United Health Insurance Fundדרושים/דרושים/  
Leumit Health Care Services  
Israel Post  
The Hebrew University  
Tel Aviv University  
Ben-Gurion University  
Bar-Ilan University  
The Technion  
Haifa University  
The Broadcasting Corporation here  
World Zionist Organizationמשרות-באתר  
the Jewish Agency  
Israel Prison Service  
Teachers Union  
Netivei Israel (former IDF)