Mom goes back to work

Maternity leave, or Khalad for short, is one of the most arduous and difficult vacations you have ever had.

Although there are also many fun and exciting moments alike.

But still this vacation is very complex and charged both physically and emotionally-hormonally.

Many people think that this is a fun vacation and you do not want to go back to work. But this is not the case.

Until now you used to get up in the morning to get dressed, perfumed and put on make-up and go to work.

Suddenly your routine is reversed and you find yourself changing diapers, walking around in your pajamas at home, neglected. Countless bottles for rinsing and the baby is crying and asking for hands.

By the way, your baby is the best thing that ever happened to you. But no one is really preparing you for this routine. You are simply sucked into it, the difficulties and fears are many but in the end you practice and learn to enjoy her and your baby.

Then comes the stage where you must return to the job market. For a job waiting for you or for resignation and finding a new job and so on and so forth this transition is difficult and even more so now. Time is pressing on you and you have to decide that you are going back to work and then you start looking for a job for yourself.

Ready for a job interview after maternity leave

So how do you prepare for a job interview, what are the questions to ask, how to dress, what to say, when to smile? Wow, what a pressure! You haven't been to a job interview in a long time, you forgot…

So first thing to take a deep breath and relax 🙂 It always helps.

You have already decided ראיון Working. Excellent! You're half way there. Now for readiness. It is recommended to wear representative clothes but not too formal. It is important that the clothes are comfortable, flattering but not too tight and not cumbersome and heavy in order to feel relaxed. It is not recommended to arrive with cleavage or short clothing. In terms of make-up - make-up is light and flattering and not too emphasized. It is of course recommended to wear perfume, neat hair and hair. During the interview it is recommended to put the bag aside and not on you.

During the interview it is important to look directly at the interviewer and not slip into space. It indicates credibility and honesty.

It is important not to get tired and angry. Sitting upright and an occasional smile are always helpful.

You should prepare at home in advance with answers to questions/subjects that the interviewer may ask such as: reasons for leaving the last workplace, how to deal with stressful situations at work, an example of a complicated situation at work that you solved, positive character traits that will help you cope at work, salary expectations And more.

It is very important to arrive on time for the interview and not after. The first impression is very important and decisive.

Emphasis on looking for a job as a mother

So what are the important things and emphases that will guide you and make it easier for you to find a job in response to your new needs as a mother and what should you ask in an interview-

  1. A job defined as a "mother job" / part-time job for mothers / flexible hours / shifts.
  2. Proximity to work to your place of residence / kindergarten-kindergarten.
  3. Ability to work from home / laptop / answer on the go.
  4. Breastfeeding time - You could go out an hour earlier for your baby in the first year.
  5. Comfortable and non-stressful work environment.
  6. Given on vacations and holidays and sometimes when children must be brought to work.
  7. Rights you are entitled to - credit points as a mother on the pay slip, travel, pension fund, days off, child sick days and more depending on the extras that the employer gives.
  8. A job that will interest you and hone your skills.
  9. The long-term deal and not a temporary project that you will later find yourself unemployed again and without a livelihood.
  10. Job promotion options despite the limited hours you can contribute to the company.

Attached are public bodies for additional questions regarding labor laws and employee-employer relations for your convenience:

  • SHIL: Citizen Counseling Service - Assistance Center - A center that operates voluntarily and assists the entire population. The center has branches scattered throughout the country, including reception. Tel Aviv branch: 03-7248453
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Phone 118.
  • workers' Union - Phone 1-700-700-331 

Hope these highlights help you find a good job. Successfully!