Working from home

It's all about working from home in the internet age

To work you do not have to leave home - it's all about working from home in the internet age

Instead of wasting time in the morning traveling to work and standing in traffic jams, you can just downshift and start working from home.

The employment opportunities of working from home are many and varied and their benefits are enormous. Working from home can suit anyone and especially to employee sectors who for various reasons are required to spend more hours around their home.
It should be remembered that today in the technological age of the Internet and computer it is possible to generate a respectable income even with sweatshirts and slippers without physically reaching the workplace.

For whom work from home is suitable

Over the last few years, the types of work that can be done from home have become more sophisticated, and therefore may suit any person at any age and at any stage in life: retirees seeking second careers, people seeking additional income, people living in the periphery, mothers of children, housewives, people with limited mobility, students and more.

Why you should work from home

Working from home makes it easier for most people to manage their daily routine and can significantly reduce the stress of office workers by creating a quieter and calmer work environment.

In addition, working from home allows many people a better balance between work and their private lives, allows them to make the best use of daytime hours while combining recreation with the family and / or leisure activities.

Here are the salient benefits of working from home (both as a freelancer and as an employee):

  • Save time, get organized and meet traffic jams
  • Savings in travel expenses
  • More flexible working hours
  • More time for yourself
  • Balance between work and private life and the possibility of devoting more time to family life, friends and leisure activities
  • You master yourself "without a boss standing on your head"
  • Working from home allows for a more relaxed routine
  • A quieter and more pleasant work environment can be created compared to office work
  • It is possible to combine studies and is therefore especially suitable for students
  • You can combine the world of motherhood and the world of careers

Types of work that can be done from home

The supply of work that can be done from home is extremely diverse.

The following are prominent examples of types of work from home by areas:

In the field of administration
  • Typists
  • Transcript
  • meetings coordinatation
  • translation
  • Linguistic editing and proofreading
In the Internet field
  • Writing content and articles for websites
  • Website design and construction
  • SEO
  • Filling out surveys and questionnaires
  • Viewing commercials
In the field of marketing, economics and finance (using the Internet and / or the telephone)
  • Marketing and sales of products and services
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax counseling
  • Telemarketing
  • ביטוח
  • Personnel consulting and employee placement
Work for academics
  • Help in writing academic papers
  • Search for information sources
  • Online teaching
General (no need to use a computer)
  • Cosmetics, makeup and grooming
  • Child care
  • Consulting (design, alternative treatment, etc.)
  • private lessons

Mothers and careers

It is important to emphasize that working from home allows mothers to combine the world of motherhood with the world of careers.

Working from home for mothers in most cases does not require experience, or prior knowledge. There are jobs that can be done from home in between and caring for children using a computer and the Internet such as: typing, proofreading, writing articles, etc. There are also a number of jobs that money is easy on the side, like watching commercials or filling out questionnaires.

In addition, mothers can combine non-computer-related occupations such as babysitting and counseling in various fields.

Where to search for jobs from home

There are several sources for looking for work from home: Online job boards (such as this portal), mainly under job types: Freelance, by contract, mothers and ages 50+, in addition you can get help from staffing companies and various online forums.

What the studies tell us

In a social survey conducted by the CBS in 2011, 2.2% of workers in Israel indicated that they work from home.

Further research shows that about 40% of Israelis combine work from the office with work from home, while more and more companies are adopting the approach that what matters more is the output and not the actual working hours (from a study by the Neta Career Development Center).

A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research in the United States (NBER) shows that working from home leads to an increase in efficiency and productivity among domestic workers with a 13% improvement in their performance. In addition, working from home contributes to an increase in satisfaction among employees from home compared to employees from the office. Home workers reported higher job satisfaction and fewer of them resigned during the study period.

The improvement in performance and satisfaction is attributed to the quieter work environment possible at home.

Finally, Working from home has far-reaching benefits, and it can suit many population sectors, however, it is important to remember that working from home requires high self-discipline, order, organization and perseverance. For those who decide to work from home, it is especially important to maintain a clear separation between the hours devoted to work and the hours devoted to home, family and leisure activities.