Body language as a measure in a job interview

Many times when we have a dialogue with someone we do not pay attention to our body movements.

Usually it is not something we plan, it comes out naturally to us, so many times there may be a conflict between what we say and what we feel, and it is very possible that the other party, in this case the interviewer, will notice it.

In a job interview our body movements are of great importance and even crucial in some cases both positively and negatively.

Body movements can indicate the existence of insecurity, social anxiety, some fear and even deception.
And in the positive aspect about joy, desire to succeed, a sense of security, belonging and enthusiasm.

Often also through the palm of the hand one can understand attributes attributed to the same person. For example, is a person generous, is he indifferent and cold and is he sociable, warm and connects easily.

There are pretty obvious signs that usually indicate a lack of trust as an interviewee or as an interviewer in general.

Itching in the nose and ear - indicates a lie.

Placing the case on us - indicates insecurity and a sense of need for protection.

A fleeing look - may indicate invention, lack of trust and even lies and deception, shame and embarrassment.

Hair movement (woman versus man) - flirting, a way to please the interviewer.

Hands clasped indicate insecurity, lack of openness and even partial truth in the interviewee's words, a feeling of pressure to play pen, move a lot, move the foot nervously, run away - these signs can also indicate inattention, stress and nervousness.

Hand on mouth - concealment.

Clasped hand - press.

Hands clasped like a perfectly fine interviewee. As an interviewer testifies to a judgment.

By the way, it's okay to be a little stressed in a job interview and even natural. This is definitely a legitimate part of the interview.

So how do you sit down and talk fluently, naturally and freely?

First you will be as natural as those who love you and know you but are aware in one way or another of your body movements and try to avoid certain things that may be attributed to you during the interview.

Being in a job interview on a stressful day where you got up on the ‘left side’ can also have a detrimental effect. Therefore, it is sometimes advisable to consider postponing the interview to another more successful day. Every inhibition for good. There are also occurrences that do not depend on us and are even accepted if others are late or do not arrive such as: God forbid an accident, a terrible traffic jam on the roads, pain and feeling unwell and so on. After all, in total we are human beings.

Therefore, it is advisable to address happenings in proportions and not 'take things to heart' too much.

Good luck in the job interview!