Accessibility Statement

Activetech (hereinafter: "Activetech") considers it very important to provide an equal opportunity to all surfers of the website it operates (hereinafter: "the website") and seeks to bring to them all the accessibility operations it offers, so that every surfer will have the opportunity to use the website without any limitation.

To this end, Activetech invests a lot of effort and resources in making the site accessible.

The accessibility is designed to adapt the site so that it is available, convenient and friendly to its users, with an emphasis on doing the aforementioned for people with disabilities.

Activetech operates in accordance with the accessibility guidelines set forth in the official Israeli standard number 5568 concerning "Guidelines - for accessibility of content on the Internet" to level AA (hereinafter - the accessibility standard)

This Israeli standard is based on the guidelines document of the international organization that deals with standardization on the web - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Browser support

The site supports all popular browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and more.

Accessibility coordinator

You can contact the accessibility coordinator at the company's offices when the need arises for an answer on the following issues:

when it is found that certain information on the website requires additional accessibility adjustments;

Submitting a request to access information found on the website and is not obligated to access it.

Inquiries should be directed to the accessibility coordinator Ms. Efrat Shmoeli, via:

sending e-mail to the address;

Phone number: 03-6331692.

Accessibility adjustments on the Activetech company website

In order to meet the requirements of the accessibility standard, several adjustments were made to the site:

change display - The website is responsive, the website display changes depending on the device used;

Text resizing – The size of the displayed text can be increased by 200% (and more) without losing information;

Keyboard navigation – By clicking the Tab button you can move between areas on the site;

Showing alternative texts on the photos on the site - The website images are backed up with an alternative description (alt), if for some reason the images cannot be seen, their context can be understood from the alternative description;

Accessible documents – We are currently in the middle of the process of making the website documents accessible. Documents are accessed according to the relevance of the files and their update date. If you come across a file that is not accessible, and you need an accessible format, please contact the accessibility coordinator and we will deliver an accessible version as soon as possible.

Thank you and have a pleasant and safe browsing.

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